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Relive Health Franklin, TN

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Anti-Aging & Wellness Treatments for Men and Women

Hormone Therapy & Medical Weight Loss

Female hormones, male hormones, peptides, medical weight loss and more.

IV Vitamin Therapy & Ozone Therapy

Vitamin therapy treatments fully customized to your needs.

Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics

Botox, filler, HydraFacials, peels, skin health analysis and more.

Laser Hair Removal & Skin Resurfacing

Laser hair removal, skin resurfacing facials, vein treatment and more.

A Healthier Inside

Our comprehensive range of personalized services is designed to help you take control of aspects of your health. Whether it’s rebalancing your hormones, achieving your ideal weight through medical weight loss, revitalizing your body with IV vitamin therapy, or experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of ozone therapy, the Relive Health team is your partner in achieving holistic health.

Aesthetic Services


Reduce fine lines, wrinkles & signs of aging.


Boost volume & symmetry with dermal filler.


Exfoliate, extract and hydrate your skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Remove blemishes and promote new skin growth.

Laser Hair Removal

Virtually painless laser hair removal.

Success Stories

Commonly Asked Questions

A Relive Health Consult consists of two steps:

  1. Blood Analysis – A 52 panel blood analysis to identify how we can personalize our services to give you more energy and life.
  2. Skin Analysis – VISIA employs cutting-edge technology to delve deep into the intricacies of your skin. It meticulously evaluates your skin’s strengths and weaknesses, assessing factors such as: Skin Pigmentation, Sun spots, Measure pore size, UV Spots, texture & wrinkles, plus an Advanced aging simulator.

Insurance is not required to take advantage of our services! 

Getting started is easy! Just fill out the form at the top of the page, select the services you’re interested in and we’ll reach out to book your initial consultation!

Better Health from the Inside Out

We’re here to help extend people’s healthspans from the inside out. We do this by guiding you to take control of things you’ve likely never had the ability to change before. Swing by and take your first step toward a healthier life.

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