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Franchise Opportunities

We are building the world’s best Health Franchise Brand – a high margin, retail brick and mortar franchise opportunity with recurring revenue and exponential industry growth.


How we're changing the Health Care Industry

Hormone Optimization

Offer effective hormone balance solutions to boost vitality.

Medical Weight Loss

Help clients achieve sustainable and lasting weight loss goals.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Provide essential nutrients to promote peak wellness.

Ozone Therapy

Deliver innovative ozone treatments to enhance healing.

Medical Aesthetics

Enhance clients' appearance with advanced aesthetic services.

Laser Services

Offer advanced laser treatments for smooth, hair-free skin.

Why Relive?

We believe that we can enhance and extend people’s lives by pairing innovative treatments with unparalleled client care.

  • Personalized Health

    Male and female hormone therapy, peptides, medical weight loss and more.

  • Wellness

    Vitamin therapy treatments fully customized to your specific clients needs.

  • Anti Aging

    Advanced medical aesthetics, cosmetic & laser treatments.

Industry Growth

$71.6 Billion

Global anti-aging industry in 2023 topped $71 Billion

5.8% Growth YoY

Compound annual growth rate of 5.8%

Surging Aging Population

People aged 65+ is expected to be 82 million by 2050 (a 47% increase vs today)

Increased Awareness

Consumer awareness & desire for Anti-Aging services is increasing.

Your Path to Becoming a Franchisee

How we support you

Location Selection

Receive expert guidance and support to secure the perfect location for your franchise, ensuring optimal visibility and accessibility.

Layout & Architecture

Benefit from our architecture partners to create tailored to optimize your clinic's layout, enhancing functionality.

Hiring Process

Get support in recruiting and hiring top talent, ensuring your clinic is staffed with skilled and dedicated professionals.

Marketing & Sales

Leverage comprehensive marketing strategies and sales support to drive patient acquisition and grow your clinic's success.

Medical Training

Access extensive training programs to equip your team with the skills needed to deliver exceptional medical care and services.

Medical Software

Utilize cutting-edge medical software designed to streamline clinic operations & improve patient management.

Target Markets

We’re expanding nationwide & have open franchise opportunities in multiple states!

Our Story

Dr. Domenic Iacovone founded Relive Health in 2017 with one simple mission. The idea to take each individual patient and build a comprehensive health plan based on their individual symptoms to achieve long term health and wellness goals.

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